Sunday, 11 May 2014

Bronze Model Offering Table and Ritual Vessels

Bronze Model Offering Table and Ritual Vessels of Lector Priest Idy
6th Dynasty, from Abydos British Museum, EA 5315, 6086-9 (Picture taken by me)

This set of miniature vessels placed in the tomb allowed Idy to enjoy the benefits of the offering rituals for eternity.
The different bowls, vases and spouted vessels were used for specific elements of the ritual such as washing, the pouring of libations, the storage of sacred oils and the offering of beer wine and food.
The Lector Priest (the one in charge of the festive rolls) had a role closely associated with religious performances, magic and the reading of incantations and spells. Two swnw (doctors) are known to have held the title of Lector priest. They were Mererka vizier to Teti l and Huy from the late period.

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