Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Some Ancient Egyptian Medical Recipes for Skin Care

Recipe For Wrinkles
"One grinds a portion of pistachio tree, wax, fresh Behen-oil (from the Moringe plant) and Cyprus grass, mixes it in plant juice and rubs it into ones face daily." (Ebers Papyrus)
Recipe for Dry Skin
"Mix gall bladder of the cow, oil, rubber and flour of the ostrich plume. This should be thinned with plant oil and the face should be washed with this daily."
Removal of dark spots from the face and hands, and the body.
"One takes in addition to this a large mass of the fruit, crushes it, and sets it out in the sun. After it has dried, it is shelled and cut into cubes. The fruit and chaff are separated and mixed with water to make a soft mass that is cooked thoroughly, until it is almost solid. The cooked mass is washed in running water until the water tastes neither salty nor bitter. Again it is set out into the sun ground up, newly mixed with water and stirred into a paste and cooked. Oil builds on the surface, which is scooped off and may be collected in a pot, which has been rubbed with a fine clay. Only later would it be poured into a salve container."
From Ebers (Fruit is unknown to us)

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