Saturday, 14 June 2014

Heryshefnakht (Physician) and Ahanakht (Wab Priest of Sekhmet)

Hieratic graffiti from the alabaster quarries in Hatnub, 12th Dynasty,
showing the Chief of King's physician Heryshefnakht with his colleague Ahanakht.
(Anthes 1928)
JF Nunn, Medicine in AE
Ahanakht is shown smaller and therefore must have been in a subordinate role in comparison to the physician. Ahanakht was a wab priest of Sekhmet but not a magician or swnw (doctor). He does however describe his work in similar terms to Heryshefnakht. Most importantly this scene demonstrates the parallel role of the swnw and the wab priest of Sekhmet in providing conventional medical attention as specified in the Ebers Papyrus. Further more Ahanakht is also described as rekhkau (one who knows oxen) and therefore probably as a vet. Fascinating I think!

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